European Immunization Week 2022

European Immunization Week April 24 – 30 2022 – #LongLifeForAll


This week is European Immunization Week, a great opportunity to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be living in a world where vaccines exists. We now have vaccines against more than 20 life threatening diseases, vaccines save lives. Every year, vaccines prevent between 2 and 3,000,000 deaths in children, teenagers, adults and elderly. For COVID-19 alone, almost half a million lives among people 60 years of age and older have been saved in Europe. But let me stress the safest and most effective vaccines have absolutely no value unless people take them. There’s a lot of false and misleading information out there. Be careful. Trust the science, trust the facts, think carefully about your sources of information. Vaccines help us to keep ourselves and our loved ones protected from infectious diseases.