How to batch edit tmx files all at once

Batch editing tmx files all at once with the help of Notepad++ could not be easier. You can apply changes to all files of interest at once by specifying the folder path where you store the tmx files which need to be modified, and then running a basic “find and replace”. Depending on the number of files and the processing power of your computer, this task may complete fast or take a while. Be patient, and let Notepad++ run even if the process takes longer than you would expect.

If you have translation memory files in the hundreds or more, you may wonder how to add the same custom tags to all translation memories, rather than apply the tags one by one. It may take days to weeks of your time to individually edit large tmx files if you resort to a tmx file editor.

All tmx files can be accessed in Notepad++, and when doing so you will be presented with a header structure that look very similar to this:

Running a folder with multiple tmx files through the Notepad++ “Find in Files” function to find and replace every instance of the <tu> tag with custom tags like does the trick.

Here is a detailed video that explains the steps.